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Re: Indigo2 Kernel Boots!!!

To: Jesse Dyson <>
Subject: Re: Indigo2 Kernel Boots!!!
From: Klaus Naumann <>
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 08:53:03 +0100 (CET)
In-reply-to: <>
On Thu, 30 Nov 2000, Jesse Dyson wrote:

> Hi,
> I have an Indigo2.  I have tftp/dhcp(bootp)/nfs configured correctly (I
> think).  I am using the hardhat-5.1-sgi.tar.gz distribution and the kernel
> vmlinux-2.2.14-r4x00-cvs.ecoff.
> I am using the monitor commands:
> unsetenv netaddr (dur to DHCP bug)
> boot bootp():/vmlinux nfsroot=
> /vmlinux is a symbolic link to vmlinux-2.2...
> I have the distribution in the mipseb folder (RedHat is a subdirectory of
> mipseb).  I think this is right.
> When I run this the kernel seems to start up (finds hardware, etc).
> Connects to the root filesystem...The last message I get is "Warning:
> unable to open an initial console"

If you're booting the kernel with serial console you have to
link /dev/console to /dev/ttyS0 - see also Pitfalls section in the
Linux on Indigo2 HOWTO (

                CU, Klaus

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