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Re: I'm stuck...

To: Calvine Chew <>
Subject: Re: I'm stuck...
From: Klaus Naumann <>
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 08:51:30 +0100 (CET)
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On Thu, 30 Nov 2000, Calvine Chew wrote:

> Hi folks.

Hi there,

> I'm trying to get Linux up on an Indy. I'm using an old laptop to act as the
> tftp/bootp/nfs server. I've installed
> SuSE 6.4 on it and I am not sure if I've configured the server properly. I
  ^^^^-- This is your first mistake ... :)))
  .oO(I hope Andreas doesn't read that)

> try tftp'ing and bootp'ing from the server
> side, and both seem to respond to requests, however, when I try from the
> Indy client, the Indy just shoots back
> a "server not found for vmlinux" when I do "boot -f bootp():vmlinux".
> How do I ensure that things on the server side are indeed configured
> properly? Are there proper tests I can do?
> For example, if I run "bootpd -s -d4" then run "bootptest", bootpd reports
> back a large number of things like
> sending the linux kernel I exported via NFS, and something about a magic
> number, then bootptest quits. tftp
> at the server side allows me to download files from the NFS directory.
> I already have numerous copies of readmes teaching me how to install Linux
> on MIPS, but somehow all of them
> vary in many ways, especially the config parts. Is there some install readme
> for super-idiots like myself who need
> to be told word for word what to do?

I have written a HOWTO for Linux on the Indigo2 - it's now more and more
a HOWTO for installing Linux on any SGI box ;)
You can have a look at
I hope this helps a bit. ALso please don't miss the Pitfalls section - 
maybe you're hitting one of the described.

                HTH, Klaus

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