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Indigo2 Kernel Boots!!!

Subject: Indigo2 Kernel Boots!!!
From: Jesse Dyson <>
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 01:48:36 -0500 (EST)
I have an Indigo2.  I have tftp/dhcp(bootp)/nfs configured correctly (I
think).  I am using the hardhat-5.1-sgi.tar.gz distribution and the kernel

I am using the monitor commands:
unsetenv netaddr (dur to DHCP bug)
boot bootp():/vmlinux nfsroot=

/vmlinux is a symbolic link to vmlinux-2.2...

I have the distribution in the mipseb folder (RedHat is a subdirectory of
mipseb).  I think this is right.

When I run this the kernel seems to start up (finds hardware, etc).
Connects to the root filesystem...The last message I get is "Warning:
unable to open an initial console"

I have removed the graphics card from the machine (evidently the vx
frame-buffer card is a problem).  I am connected to the serial port to get
access to command monitor, etc.

Anybody have any suggestions on what to do next or what I am doing wrong.
Thank you in advance for your time; and thanks guys for helping me get to
this point.

Jesse Dyson

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