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Linux on an Indy

To: "''" <>
Subject: Linux on an Indy
From: Christopher Martin <>
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2000 08:21:53 +1100

Hello hello hello!

I just got my Indy to bootp /vmlinux for the first time! Let merriment reign!

I am having some problems getting it to mount root, though, and getting some kernel panics because of it.

I'm not currently running Linux on any other machines, but I'm using the Windows 2000 DHCP server to provide the boot info and Cisco's tftp server to serve up the vmlinux file.

My vmlinux file is located in the root of my tftp server, with the complete, extracted hardhat-sgi-5.1.tar file, and the same directory (e:\shares\tftproot) exported by Omni NFS server. So, I have configured my BOOTP like this

912 Host Name - indy01
017 Root Path - /e/shares/tftproot
066 Boot Server Host Name -
067 Bootfilename - /vmlinux
003 Router - is a Windows 2000 server running Cisco's tftp server and Omni NFS server.

I also have my domain name, DNS servers, etc defined, but I'm assuming they won't interfere. I have also tried with the 017 Root Path - / and no luck there.

Now, with this configuration I get the normal kernel boot, but just after the hard disk info, just as it goes to mount root, I get:

Looking up port of RFC 100003/2 on
Looking up port of RFC 100005/1 on
Root-NFS: Server returned error -13 while mounting /tftpboot/indy

then it tries to boot off floppy and then it kernel panics. I have also noticed that the error "Fri Nov 24 08:11:28 2000: Failed ( State Error )" is displayed at the end of the tftp /vmlinux file transfer.

Anyone got any ideas? I am aware that I should be using a Linux NFS server, but I haven't got a machine to spare to set it up on. Please help!

Thanks for any help,

Chris Martin

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