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Decstation 5000/200, status led ?

To: Linux Mips at SGI <>,
Subject: Decstation 5000/200, status led ?
From: Thomas Poindessous <>
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2000 02:42:59 +0100
I have got a digital decstation 5000/200, with a video card, a scsi card, 4
memory cards and no hard drive.

I tried to boot it :
* with/without video card
* with/without scsi card
* with/without keybord/mouse plugged
* with/without memory card

I have a null-cable to my pc, I use minicom and kermit.
Each time, I got nothing on my term.
And the status leds are set like this:
x000 xx00      (x: light off, 0: light on)

Is there anyone who have the hardware reference manual for 5000/200 ?
I need to know if the problem is from the hardware and which hardware.

Thank for your help.

my kermit conf:
set carrier-watch off
set line /dev/ttyS1
set speed 9600
set modem hayes
set prompt Kermit@\v(host)>
set flow xon/xoff

my minicom conf:
pu baudrate         9600
pu minit            
pu mreset           
pu mdialpre         
pu mdialsuf         
pu mdialpre2        
pu mdialsuf2        
pu mdialpre3        
pu mdialsuf3        
pu mconnect         
pu backspace        DEL
pu rtscts           Yes
pu xonxoff          Yes

Thomas Poindessous
EpX asso GNU/Linux de l'Epita &&

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