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Wierd Boot Problem

Subject: Wierd Boot Problem
From: Ian Chilton <>
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2000 12:15:10 +0000
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I am currently cross-compiling 2.4 cvs kernels with different versions
of GCC, to find out when GCC broke...

I now have a few kernels here, all of which boot find on my Indy R4600

However, none of them will boot on my I2.

Obtaining /vmlinux from server slinky

Every time I try it, and with which ever kernel I use, the cursor
always stops spinning at the same point...

If I try a 2.2.14 kernel, it works fine, but when I try a 2.4 kernel
(same ones that boot on the Indy), it fails as above.

I have had the I2 booted on a 2.4 kernel before, but it was an older
2.4test9 kernel, and it was nativly compiled instead of cross-compiled.

Any ideas?


Bye for Now,


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