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RE: MIPS NET configuration

To: Steve Johnson <>, "" <>
Subject: RE: MIPS NET configuration
From: Pete Popov <>
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 17:46:52 -0800
Organization: Monta Vista Software
Hi Steve,

> I'm trying to add support for a Galileo Tech. EV64120A board,
>building on Pete Popov's work that's already in CVS.  I'm having trouble
>with the "Network device support" menu when I "make xconfig".

xconfig was broken for me the last time I did some powerpc work as
well.  If you want to be really safe, use "make config".

>    If I select "Galileo EV96100 Evaluation board" on the "Machine
>selection" menu, I can't select PPP support in the "Network device
>support" menu because the IP22/Decstation/Baget code in
>arch/mips/ eclipses the normal net menu's CONFIG_PPP.  Is there
>a reasonable way to resolve two different environments needing the same
>variable defined?

>    The same problem exists for CONFIG_SERIAL, which is defined by the
>Decstation and doesn't let me use the normal character device 16550 UART
>menu item.

>    Please note that this is only a problem for "make xconfig".  "make
>menuconfig" works correctly and selects one set of responses for network
>devices based on the machine selection.  Is that the solution, that
>everyone in MIPS uses "make menuconfig"?

BTW, I hope that by the end of next week, I'll be able to send Ralf the
latest patches for the ev96100. It's running pretty well now with the
scache enabled, but I found 96100 misconfiguration problems in the sdram
decoders/subdecoders. The DEC tulip (with one small patch), serial.c
(small patch again) also run fine, as well as the 96100 internal
10/100Mbps controllers.

Pete Popov
MontaVista Software, Inc

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