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5400 rpm drive in an Indy

Subject: 5400 rpm drive in an Indy
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 11:02:58 -0500
I just got a 5400 rpm full height drive. it is 50 pin scsi and fits in my
Indy. my concern is that the heat will be too much considering that it is
right next to the processor. any Indy users with an opinion on this?

oh, and when i put the ram and drive in, it played a little horn music on
power-up, like the queen was arriving or something. since i have no os
loaded as of yet(still waiting to score a cdrom drive), i don't know what
that music means. 
maybe the queen is coming! christ, i have to go clean up that place :-)

appologies for being off topic yet again, but i can't ask Linux questions
till i get this beast running. 
then, careful what you wish for  :-)

here's a little something on topic though: where can i get a copy of HardHat
on cd? i know it's only based on RedHat 5.1, but it's a place to start.


Tim Maloney
Senior Developer
iXL, Inc.
1930 Camden Road, Suite 2070
Charlotte, NC 28203
704 943-7193 phone

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