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MIPS Linux and O2 and/or Octane...

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Subject: MIPS Linux and O2 and/or Octane...
From: "Markus Hoff-Holtmanns" <>
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 11:30:12 +0100
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Hi folks!

There probably already were numerous threads concerning this subject, but
I'm new and I didn't find anything fitting in the archives. So here is my

Anyone who did or tried a Linux port for O2, or contributed anything
regarding that topic, could you please give me that information again. At
the moment I try to gather as much info as possible in this regard, as we
have some O2s running IRIX 6.3 and gathering dust most of the time.

Any help appreciated.


Markus Hoff-Holtmanns
RWTH Aachen

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