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egcs-1.0.3a-2 mipsel binary?

To: SGI news group <>
Subject: egcs-1.0.3a-2 mipsel binary?
From: Brady Brown <>
Date: Thu, 09 Nov 2000 11:20:28 -0700
Organization: Texas Instruments
I am upgrading our Atlas board (mipsel r4kc core) to the 'recommended'
tool chain to be able to do some native re-compiles of several userland
packages. As far as I have been able to determine the rev's that I am
looking for are:


and egcs-1.0.3a-2

Does this rev of egcs exist as a binary native install for mipsel
anywhere or the web? If not, what tool-chain/library and environment is
needed to correctly build it? Seems to be a bit of a chicken and egg
problem to me.

Is there any particular order that I need to follow to do these updates?

Brady Brown (       Work:(801)619-6103
Texas Instruments: Broadband Access Group

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