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Re: MIPS linux

To: pete <>
Subject: Re: MIPS linux
From: Ian Chilton <>
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2000 18:57:11 +0000
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> and noticed that you do not recommend using the hardhat distro based on

You can use it, but it is old and broken. It will get you booted into Linux, 
but IIRC you can not even compile a kernel  :(

I am currently putting together some base systems, which you can net-boot 
and/or copy to a HD. Also, will write an installation guide. Hoping to upload 
these after the weekend. I started with a Hardhat install, then used the Redhat 
6.0 packages from, but that 
was not an easy procedure  :)

Ralf is currently working on a Redhat 7.0 port, and Flo (lolo) has started 
uploading packages to

Then there is Simple Linux/MIPS, byt Keith...that is available from 

So, there is lots in the pipeline, but not a lot to actually go on for 
end-users right now, more hackers :)

All the links should be on the links page at our site... (or the news page).

There are pointers to some installation guides..

In the redhat dir on oss, there is a file called instructions, which is the 
guide I used when I first started out...It describes setting up the network 
boot server etc...

As I say though, I am currently working on an installation guide for my bases 
(hoping to release a glibc 2.0.6/kernel 2.2.14 one and a kernel 2.4 / glibc 2.2 
one, but the 2.2 is still being worked on  :)

So, i'd say, you can get in there and try some of the stuff downloadable, but 
if you are in no hurry, hang on for a bit, because there are developments 

If you are on IRC, join us on, channel #mipslinux (I am 
GadgetMan), and definatly subscribe to the linux-mips mailinglist on

Hope this helps a bit!

Bye for Now,


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