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ATLAS board!

Subject: ATLAS board!
From: Nicu Popovici <>
Date: Fri, 03 Nov 2000 16:18:55 -0500
Hello ,

I have an Atlas board with a mips processor. I managed to cross compile
a MIPS kernel on our I686 machines but when I try to load the kernel
image on the mips with the following command ( I do not know other way
and if there is one please let me know ) "load
tftp:/linux/mipseb/vmlinux "  I get the following error

About to load tftp://
Press Ctrl-C to break
Error : Line too long
Diag  : Line 1, ELF

Can anyone help me ?


Attachment: octavp.vcf
Description: Card for Nicu Popovici

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