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Re: ATLAS board!

To: Nicu Popovici <>
Subject: Re: ATLAS board!
From: Brady Brown <>
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 11:03:09 -0700
Organization: Texas Instruments
References: <>
Nicu Popovici wrote:

> Hello,
> I have an Atlas board and now I am struggling to setup a Linux on it. I
> have few questions
> 1. After I will install Linux on the board, it will function as a
> standalone computer ?

We have not used it as a stand-alone system here (only as a development
platform) but the board does have all the peripheral in's and out's to be
a stand-alone box.

> 2 Do I need Yamon after  installing Linux on it ?
> Thanks
> Nicu

There is BIOS type functionality in Yamon that is needed to be able to
boot Linux (Bootup, PCI enumeration, low level hardware initialization
etc). If you were to write your own boot-up and low-level startup routines
and then write an OS loader that could boot a kernel image from the drive,
then you could conceivably boot Linux on the box without Yamon.

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