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Subject: CrossCompiler.
From: Nicu Popovici <>
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 16:55:25 +0300
Hello you all,

  I am new in this field so if I will make mistakes please be patient
and I will try to not repeat myself.

So my task is to setup a gcc crosscompiler which will make code for a
mips machine. The crosscompiler will run on a i686-pc-linux machine. I
downloaded the latest stuff from ( I read the foozbar
project which was to setup a crosscompiler on a Indy machine also for
mips ) but I got an error  .
Something  with signal 11. Can any of you have any ideea of what to do
to setupsuch a crosscompiler ?

Thanks for all the help that I will get from you .


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