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Re: ld problem

To: Ian Chilton <>
Subject: Re: ld problem
From: Ralf Baechle <>
Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2000 14:13:32 +0200
In-reply-to: <>; from on Sat, Oct 14, 2000 at 01:04:52PM +0100
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On Sat, Oct 14, 2000 at 01:04:52PM +0100, Ian Chilton wrote:

> > Which is probably the root of the evil - I assume at the point when it's
> > crashing the new /etc/ file is still incomplete.  I don't have
> > a theory what's causing that, sorry.
> Do you think it could be something to do with the glibc-2.0.6-5lm?
> or, what about  I think I compiled v1.9.9

That explains it.  Don't use the package at all.  glibc has it's
own dynamic linker.


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