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rs_ioctl() in sgiserial.c info/help needed

To: <>
Subject: rs_ioctl() in sgiserial.c info/help needed
From: "Randy Sartin" <>
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 13:28:05 -0600
Importance: Normal
I am trying to get the Indy's serial port to drive a dongle and am having
some trouble getting the dongle to work. The problem seems to be in
rs_ioctl() in sgiserial.c - it doesn't handle the TIOCMSET command. The
TIOCMSET command allows control over the DTR and RTS lines.

The "standard" rs_ioctl() in serial.c does support TIOCMSET. It calls
set_modem_info() to control the UART (I think) to then control DTR and RTS.

So - my question is...
Can I control DTR and RTS on Indy or is this a software feature that hasn't
been implemented yet?

Randy Sartin

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