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Question concerning discontinuities in memory map.

Subject: Question concerning discontinuities in memory map.
From: Jeff Harrell <>
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2000 16:50:15 -0600
I have a question concerning a discontinuity in my memory map.  The development board that I am
working on currently has the start of its SDRAM at 0x14000000 (physical memory).  It looks like a
lot of the code is written under the assumption that the base of the kernel will be at 0x80000000.  I
have had to modify several sections of code to handle this discontinuity with respect to max_low_pfn,
high_memory, num_physpages  max_mapnr, and low (/arch/mips/mm/init.c).  These variables seem
to use the PAGE_SHIFT variable to locate the start of that page in physical memory: (e.g.,   max_mapnr
<< PAGE_SHIFT).  It looks like a lot of the problem stems from max_low_pfn.  In init_bootmem_core:

----8<  snippet from init_bootmem_core ( mm/bootmem.c) 8<----------

static unsigned long __init init_bootmem_core (bootmem_data_t *bdata,
          unsigned long mapstart, unsigned long start, unsigned long end)
          unsigned long mapsize = ((end - start)+7)/8;
          mapsize = (mapsize + (sizeof(long) - 1UL)) & ~(sizeof(long) - 1UL);
          bdata->node_bootmem_map = phys_to_virt(mapstart << PAGE_SHIFT);
          bdata->node_boot_start = (start << PAGE_SHIFT);
          bdata->node_low_pfn = end;

the mapsize is defined by end-start, where start is the _end (kernel_end) + bootmap_size.
therefore it looks like end should represent the end of memory (i.e. SDRAM).  In our case
this is 0x15FFFFFF (i.e. 32M).  If I let the rest of the kernel process max_low_pfn and the
associated variable normally,  the paging routines will calculate that I have 335M of memory!
I seem to be chasing this problem through the kernel.  Is there a central place in the code that
would handle the offset properly?  I don't think I have caught all of the implications of this change
yet because I am still failing in the paging routines.  Any information that is available on how this
can be accomplished would be greatly appreciated.


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