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Re: [Install trouble]

To: Florian Lohoff <>
Subject: Re: [Install trouble]
From: Famille Chauvat <>
Date: Sun, 06 Aug 2000 15:03:30 +0000
References: <> <>
Hi Florian,

Thanks for your response. Humm, I don't know how to boot with rw support...
And, Keith M Wesolowski, see messages in this thread, modify the kernel to
have a ramdisk support.
>>>> Keith M Wesolowski
>>>> I've uploaded a new kernel, dated 0731, which should have the necessary 
>>>> support.
That what I don't understand, except a lot of another things :-), is how it
runs. You know, I took a lot of things on internet, I read a lot of papers,
perhaps not those I had to, and I've never ask to support or not the
ramdisk. So my question is, how the kernel I took doesn't support something
I never asked for. I'm not sure to be very clear :-)

With the new kernel I have, I've a new trouble. After the partition step, a
message "mount failed, bad address" appears and I 've to reboot. Of course,
the next time I'ld the same things. Any suggestion, any help, would be very
Btw, if you know someone of your team or friends who speak french, it could
be better, for me, to explain what going wrong.


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