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Re: sgi prom console

To: Keith M Wesolowski <>
Subject: Re: sgi prom console
From: Ralf Baechle <>
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2000 01:59:30 +0200
In-reply-to: <>; from on Wed, Jul 26, 2000 at 09:54:16PM -0700
References: <>
On Wed, Jul 26, 2000 at 09:54:16PM -0700, Keith M Wesolowski wrote:

> This patch gets the sgi prom console outputting again, and eliminates
> the "cannot open initial console" error. Unfortunately, all output
> from userland goes to the serial port, not the the prom console.
> Looking at the code, this isn't at all surprising; the prom console
> pretends to be 4,64, ttyS0. It's quite beyond me how the prom console
> could ever have worked for userland.

Ok, patch applied.


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