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strace on Linux/MIPS?

Subject: strace on Linux/MIPS?
From: Jun Sun <>
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2000 16:05:08 -0700
Has anybody been successful in trying to get strace running on
Linux/MIPS?  I managed to get 4.2, with a little from CVS tree, compiled
and run.  However, it does not quite right.  It only prints the first
system. See below.  Verified that this is the same behavior on both
2.3.99-pre3 and 2.4.0-test2.

sh-2.03# strace ls
execve("/bin/ls", ["ls"], [/* 14 vars */]) = 0
bin  boot  dev  etc  lib  mnt  opt  proc  sbin  share  tmp  var

Any idea?


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