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Re: Okay, lost

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Subject: Re: Okay, lost
From: "clemej" <>
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 23:23:22 -0400
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When I was bitten by the infamous '-N' bug, it seems to me the 
exception I got said "UTLB" in it somewhere.  This one doesn't.
So maybe that's not the problem.

And I think I might be being bitten by the same thing.  All 2.4 
kernels I've tried die with what seems to be a similar error on 
my Indigo2 (R4400 200Mhz).  I thought I read somewhere something 
about XZ graphics causing problems and boards should be 
removed... why? Could this be the cause? I have XZ in my 
machine.... I want to try a few more things before sounding too 
many alarms though...

- --
John Clemens

---------- Original Message ----------------------------------
From:   Ralf Baechle <>
Date:   Tue, 18 Jul 2000 05:23:09 +0200

>On Mon, Jul 17, 2000 at 08:53:03PM -0500, A. Wrasman wrote:
>> Okay, I can't seem to get any of the pre-compiled linux kernels  after the 
>> 2.2.14 one on to boot on my Indy.
>> I get this type of error:
>> Exception: <vector=Normal>
>> Status register: 0x10044803<CU0,CH,IM7,IM4,IPL=???,MODE=KERNEL,EXL,IE>
>> Cause register: 0x8034<CE=0,IP8,EXC=TRAP>
>> Exception PC: 0x88240004, Exception RA: 0x8816d610
>> Processor Trap exception at address 0xffffffff
>> Local I/O interrupt register 1: 0x80 <VR/GIO2>
>>      Saved user regs in hex (&gpda 0xa8740e48, &_regs 0xa8741048):
>>      arg: a8740000 28 8847ff80 a
>>      tmp: a8740000 8480 88002000 8480 881932a0 1 fffffffc 47dfa8
>>      sve: a8740000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
>>      t8 a8740000 t9 0 at 0 v0 0 v1 0 k1 88002000
>>      gp a8740000 fp 0 sp 0 ra 0
>> PANIC: unexpected exception
>Now that looks like a kernel compiled by somebody who doesn't read
>documentation, see  In short:
>remove the -N linker flag from arch/mips/Makefile.
>  Ralf

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