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NetBSD on O2 ;)

Subject: NetBSD on O2 ;)
From: Marc Esipovich <>
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 14:52:51 -0200
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Hi guys,

 I just noticed this on Slashdot:

NetBSD have added another platform to their supported hardware
list. As the NetBSD/sgimips and announcement pages say,
NetBSD/sgimips is now stable enough to run multi-user, making
NetBSD the first OpenSource OS to run on the SGI O2. Currently it's
known to work on the R5000 CPU, R10K and R12K are untested due to
lack of hardware.

 From my understanding R1[02]K do have their issues with cache coherency,
this is a big step forward, it wouldn't be long before we see NetBSD and
probably soon-to-follow Linux on O2 with all CPU configurations.


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