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Re: Status reports?

To: Ian Chilton <>
Subject: Re: Status reports?
From: rob <>
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 18:51:23 -0400
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        I've just been mostly lurking here on this list, but I thought I would
throw out an offer to help out (seeing as this might be one of the only
things I can do, not a big coder or anything).

        I own,, and, and host several
GNU/GPL projects.  I'm about to bring the servers back up by the end of
the week (on a very slow line), and shopping around for a decent place
to colocate a box on some decent bandwidth (hopefully cheaper than the
$800/month I was getting raped for last year).

        Anyhow, Justin Stressman (aka Largo of WindowMaker theme and FAQ fame)
is pretty slick at html/php3/postgresql type web sites, and looking for
a few things to showcase his talents with.  I've worked with Justin for
a couple years, and he is very good.  He will be doing a remake for the
official WindowMaker site, re-launching his own Window Maker Unofficial
FAQ and theme site, and possibly working on the soon.

        Justin want's to start his own web design studio, and has been taking
on some of these GNU pages just to showcase his talents so that he might
find some good paying work.  I can show you some very nice samples of
his work if you need to see them.  He can probably do something that
will allow you the ability to use a web interface to update "News" via a
php/sql online form secure with passwords, link to current versions for
downloads, etc...  

        He will probably be willing to do it for a "Designed by.." line on the
bottom of the page, unless it's extremely time consuming.  Plus, the up
side is, he lives on IRC ;-) so working with him should be easy
considering that's where your talking about most of the news.

        And, once I get a server settled somewhere, I'd be happy to host the
site also if necessary.

        Just thought I would mention it.

        Rob C.

"Robert W. Current, Ph.D." <> - email

Ian Chilton wrote:
> Hello,
> > I know lots of this information gets distributed via IRC but someone
> > should let everyone, who's not on IRC all the time, know what's going
> > on and what progress is being made.
> I am one of the guys in #mipslinux.
> Just a quick post to let you know that we have seen your posts, and I am
> going to talk to Ralf about this.
> I have had a chat to a few of the guys, and the points that came up are:
> * Yes, the SGI site needs updating....the port is very much active in a big
> way, but the dates on the site are from years back, which is not the case.
> Also, the Linux/MIPS howto is < 1 week old, but the date shows it's months
> old.
> * Not everything that happens on IRC is appropriate for the mailing list,
> otherwise it would be a very high volume list.
> * The problem is, most of the people on the port and in #mipslinux are
> developers, who are working on the ports, but have no time for
> documentation.  Which is best, a port that is dead with loads of
> documentation, or an active / up-to-date / working port with little
> documentation.
> I agree that the documentation is sparce, and see the above issues. That is
> why, I am *thinking* of and suggesting to some of the guys that I, at least
> for now, maintain a site with
> * News from #mipslinux
> * Links to current resources
> * Possibly some documentation
> ..this will also need the co-operation of the programmers / maintainers to
> keep me informed on what is happening..
> I need to discuss this with some of the key members of the team like Ralf
> and then if this goes ahead, i'll get something put together, but it will
> probably be a few weeks away from now.
> Just to finish, believe me, the port is very much alive, they are currently
> working on Linux 2.4 / Glibc 2.2 / GCC 2.96
> If you have any chance at all, I suggest you stop by #mipslinux at
> times....all you need is an internet connection and one of the many IRC
> clients...
> Details are:
> /server         (port 6667)
> /join #mipslinux
> Any thoughts or problems with this, let me know   (
> Thanks!
> Bye for Now,
> Ian
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