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Re: Status reports?

To: "Eric Watkins" <>, <>
Subject: Re: Status reports?
From: "Jay Carlson" <>
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 07:46:01 -0400
References: <001c01bfd6f7$536705b0$>
 "Eric Watkins" <> writes:


> I know lots of this information gets distributed via IRC but someone
> let everyone, who's not on IRC all the time, know what's going on and what
> progress is being made.

IMO this is a serious problem for many open source development projects
today.  Much of the interaction occurs in IRC or instant message chats, and
not in email.  The people who are participating in the online chats have
much better coordination, but it ends up excluding a lot of people.  It's
not just people in the wrong timezone who lose out---projects also lose the
potential effort of people who join the mailing list, see nothing going on,
and don't get a chance to help.  I've found that even casual readers of a
mailing list can bring insight from other projects to bear on problems.


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