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Indy Questions.

To: "Linux-MIPS Mailing List" <>
Subject: Indy Questions.
From: "Robert W. Current, Ph.D." <>
Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 11:11:07 -0700
Importance: Normal
I'm picking up an Indy, and I had two questions.

Can I do bootp and nfs? (no drive in the Indy at all).

Is there X support at all? says there is NONE. mentions Xsgi running on top of Linux.

And I've also heard that XFree86 has been hacked to run on the XL frame
buffer, such as what is mentioned on

I'll only be getting one with an 8-bit frame buffer, I'd like to get the
24-bit one later, but for now just 8... So, any comments on X at all?

So, what's true?

Also, there seems to be nothing at all on anymore, where
has it all moved to?

Thanks :-)

Rob C.

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