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Can't find |

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Subject: Can't find |
From: "Ian Chilton" <>
Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2000 13:12:17 +0100
Cc: "Linux-MIPS Mailing List" <>
Importance: Normal

I have recently bought an Indy, but didn't get a keyboard with it, so I
plugged a standard UK PS/2 keyboard in. All works well, except the | (pipe).

The key that's labelled ¦ (Left of the Z key) normally does |
In Windows, If you do CTRL-ALT and the key left of 1, it shows ¦

But, on the Indy I can only get the ¦ character, and can't find the |
anywhere, which is annoying, because the | is useful / essential in UNIX.

I have it set for UK keyboard in the Maintence section on boot, and in IRIX

Anyone have any ideas?   Getting a bit desperate!


Bye for Now,


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