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Re: Linux on Indy

To: Ian Chilton <>
Subject: Re: Linux on Indy
From: Ken Wills <>
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000 12:01:46 +0000
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* Ian Chilton <> [000609 11:07]:
> eakkK!
> Sorry to be a pain..but is there anyone that wouldn't mind spening a few
> mins just to list the commands that I would use to do this...
> I have been using Windoze and Linux for years, but am *completely* new to
> SGI/Indy's and IRIX.
> I don't even have a clue how to partition use the 2nd hard disk I have put
> in....

There are a couple of docs on that describe how to 
install Linux on an Indy. If you don't know the device names under irix,
user the system manager to install and partition your new disk - then you'll
see it's device name in the disk-manager app thingy - after that, a few minutes
with 'fx' and 'man fx' should be sufficient, or you can consult a copy of
Frisch's 'Essential System Administraton' (O'Reilly) for a step by step
on adding disks under Irix.

The linux installer is capable of partitioning your disk too, AFAIR, use
fdisk though, and not disk druid.

Hope that helps a little,


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