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Subject: Re: MIPS64 ABI
From: Alan Hoyt <>
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 00:03:57 -0500
References: <> <> <>
It seems like is up and running again - the
/pub/linux/mips/doc/ABI/ should have most of what you might need.  I
placed what small amount of material I have at - take a look and let me know
if it's of value.

 - Alan Hoyt -

Jimi X wrote:

> >>>>> "UC" == Ulf Carlsson <> writes:
> >>>>> "AH" == Alan Hoyt <> writes:
>  AH> At one time, I thought I saw a copy somewhere on -
>  AH> but I don't remember which version.  I checked my archives and
>  AH> found a copy of System V ABI MIPS supplement 3.0 in PDF
>  AH> (approx. 463K),
> The 3.0 supplement is 32-bit only, I need the 64-bit.
>  AH> 3.1 (approx. 651K) and the processor conformace guide 1.2.2
>  AH> (approx 282k).  I can email you a copy if you would like.
> Are they 64-bit? If so, please send 3.1 and the PSG 1.2.2. and once the
> oss is up perhaps someone can place them there.
> I have recieved a few "me too" requests so placeing them there would
> be a benifit to all.
>  UC> These documents are available at
>  UC>,
> yeah, but only the the 3.0 supplement (32-bit)
>  UC> but we have copies of them at too.  Look in
>  UC> /pub/linux/mips/docs/ or sometihng.  I think is down
>  UC> for the moment.
> I will look there, though it still seems to be down.
> Thanks,
> -Jimi X

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