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RE: New mini-distribution/indigo2 monitor support

To: "Keith M Wesolowski" <>, <>
Subject: RE: New mini-distribution/indigo2 monitor support
From: "Eric Watkins" <>
Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 10:29:26 -0700
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I noticed in your instructions that you suggest removing the framebuffer
from the video card so the distribution will boot?

"Note: If your system has an XZ framebuffer in it, you must remove it prior
to booting and use a serial console instead. The XZ framebuffer will likely
prevent your system from booting Linux even if you are not using it. "

Are you suggesting that I remove the vid card?

I'm trying to get my indigo2 to boot linux. Can you go into more detail on
how to remove the framebuffer?

For the rest of the list.. When will I be able to use these monitors? The
monitor is almost the best part of the whole system. I've got PCs that will
run rings around the indigo2 that don't have 21 inch monitors. It's not good
to tell people 'Oh ya linux boots on that but then I have to use this dumb
terminal to do anything.' At this point people start to laugh.

When can I see X in all of it's glory on an indigo2?


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> Subject: New mini-distribution
> Hi all,
> I got bored last week and put together a new mini-distribution for
> SGIs. I know it works on Indigo2 at least. It's a lot smaller and has
> some more up to date components than Hard Hat. Perhaps it would be a
> good starting point for someone to use, or maybe it will be of no use
> to anyone but me. :) Those interested can read a quick HOWTO at
>; the necessary files
> are at
> Quick rundown:
> Kernel 2.2.14 from CVS
> glibc 2.0.6 with patches
> egcs 1.1.2 with patches
> binutils 000425 with patches
> bash 2.04
> vim 5.6
> barebones initscripts
> miscellaneous useful software
> NFS-based installation
> Plans:
> Not much. I will probably try to get gcc 2.96 and glibc 2.2 working
> with it, those being the least up to date parts of it all. I don't
> really think this is going anywhere; Debian will hopefully be finished
> soon.
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> Keith M Wesolowski          
> University of Nevada        
> Chemistry Department Systems and Network Administrator

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