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Re: Is linux on SGI MIPS alive?

To: Tor Roberts <>,
Subject: Re: Is linux on SGI MIPS alive?
From: "George A. Michalopoulos" <>
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 21:37:49 +0300
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At 09:05 ðì 27/4/2000 , Tor Roberts wrote:
Sorry if I am off base, but is linux on SGI MIPS alive? I ask because the
status on the web site is a year old and the mailing list archive is not

i bought an O2 few weeks ago, so i wanted to know if all this development you do is only for Indys...

is there any way to use Linux on an O2 ?

i'm novice, so please forgive my off-topic question..

..Happy 1900.. oops.. i'm not Y2K compatible !!!!!

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