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Re: kernel for indigo2

To: Mike Hill <>
Subject: Re: kernel for indigo2
From: Richard <>
Date: Wed, 05 Apr 2000 20:54:09 +0200
References: <E138DB347D10D3119C630008C79F5DEC2B9D7C@BART>
> Hard Hat Linux Hard Hat release 5.1 (Manhattan)
> Kernel 2.3.21 on a mips
> login:
> My attempted root login is then declared invalid.  For my next trick I'll
> try pre-loading installfs/etc/passwd with a valid account, then re-running
> the installer.  Is there any reason this shouldn't work?

The reason your root login is not validated, is because Redhat doesn't allow
root logins over a tellnet session by default, and because of some stupid
decission  made once, it doesn't allow you to make a user account during

That's why you've had to change the setup-noarch.rpm to add a secure tty, to
login as root over a telnet session.

your /etc/passwd trick would also work


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