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RE: kernel for indigo2

To: "'Florian Lohoff'" <>,
Subject: RE: kernel for indigo2
From: Mike Hill <>
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2000 14:23:01 -0400
Hi Florian,

I re-ran the Hardhat installer with setup-1.9.2.noarch.rpm in place of
1.9.1.  (The installer seemed to have a problem with the root password I
entered.)  I can now boot the Indigo2 with the 2.3.21 kernel (boot vmlinux
root=/dev/sdb1 console=ttyS0) and see the kernel boot-up messages in the
serial console.  The last messages visible are:

Freeing unused kernel memory: 48k freed
Unable to find swap-space signature [this message appears four times]

At this point, the hard drive is silent, and telnet from another machine
elicits this response:

Hard Hat Linux Hard Hat release 5.1 (Manhattan)
Kernel 2.3.21 on a mips


My attempted root login is then declared invalid.  For my next trick I'll
try pre-loading installfs/etc/passwd with a valid account, then re-running
the installer.  Is there any reason this shouldn't work?



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