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Linux now availabile on MIPS Technologies FTP Server

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Subject: Linux now availabile on MIPS Technologies FTP Server
From: "Kevin D. Kissell" <>
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000 23:03:59 +0200
The semi-induistrialized 2.2.12 MIPS kernel from
MIPS Technologies and a set of userland installation
facilities are at long last available by anonymous FTP
from the MIPS Technologies server at
under /pub/linux/mips.  The 
site has been updated with some explanations and
links to specific subdirectories.

As with the earlier snapshot I made available on the
Paralogos server, one can download the full set
of sources, or a patch file relative to the
2.2.12 release.  I also generated a patch file between
the previous snapshot ("01.01") and the current 
code ("01.04").  The major changes between the
two are in the kernel interfaces to the Algorithmics
FPU emulator, which are now potentially SMP-safe
(untested), more R3000-friendly, and if configured,
the full emulator is used instead of the old softfp
asm hack to handle unimplemented FP operations.
There are also minor changes to fix a few bugs 
found in the course of torture-testing, etc.

The other thing that may be of interest on the site
is the genericised NFS install root archives for both
big and little-endian platforms.  These were set up
for the MIPS Atlas development board, but should
work equally well on Algorithmics or other MIPS
development boards with serial ports, ethernet
interfaces, and a hard disk controller.   They were
derived from the Indy install kit on the SGI site, but
with the SGI dependencies removed.  Well, almost
removed - the big-endian fdisk program will only work
if the kernel has EFS configured. :-(.  Even compressed,
these are huge files (250MB or so), but at least they
are available.  Instructions can be found in the FTP
directory or on the site.

Kevin D. Kissell
MIPS Technologies European Architecture Lab
Tel. +
FAX. +

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