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Some basic problems with booting SGI Challange.

Subject: Some basic problems with booting SGI Challange.
From: Jaroslaw Wypchowski <>
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 22:38:34 +0100
Cause i'm completely new to the problem i'm afraid i will put some
complete idiotism. But the problem is :

I've got a SGI Challange S (on R5000).
It has: no cd, no keyboard, no eth, one aacp(i think), scsi disc, console
serial ouput connected to linux and used with minicom.
There is no kernel on disc. It is in network where i have for my
disposition several MIPS'es R4000 and several other pltforms. 
What i need is to load a system onto the sgi. It would be great if it
could be linux. But now i found several problems. First : To obtain linux
i need an Irix on my SGI. Unfortunatelly i have none. 
Tried to boot it vie the network from one of my MIPS'es with its kernel
and /var/... files All i received is that the kerenel started logging but
ouputed panic and foult and died. 
What more about my configuration.
sash on sgi is in version 5.3 and on that MIPS (called further pirania) i
got 6.3 version of system. 

Oh - i don't have any IRIX installation disc's except 5.3 but have no
SGI's scsi CD.

Any hints and ideas of what could i do ? 

Solution that i "discovered"
I think that if i've got working image of basic system installation i
could put it into the sgi's disc from other computer with scsi drive. 
But i don't have such image. And have no idea where to get it from. 

This is my first problem. 
Next problems will follow after i deal with this one.

thx for all help.

   \ \ Jaroslaw Wypychowski.

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