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Subject: Indy
From: Hein Roehrig <>
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 22:05:36 +0100
Hello *, 

I got Linux to run on an Indy workstation. Thanks for your great 

I have a few newbie questions though:

. is there anonymous CVS access to the repository on

. are binutils-mips-linux-2.9.5-1.i386.rpm and 
  egcs-mips-linux-1.1.2-1.i386.rpm the most current tools, fit
  for (cross-)compiling development kernels?

. I don't have IRIX. Currently I am booting off the network, but I 
  would like to make the machine standalone. Is there a way to 
  install the Linux kernel on the local harddisk in a way that it
  can be loaded by the firmware without using IRIX?

Thanks a lot in advance for any advice,

PS: of course I am also curious about what happend to the IRIX 
Xsgi on Linux... but reading the archives of this list, mentioning 
the X server seems to be a guarantee not to get a response...

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