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sources of 2.2.1-990526 (fwd)

Subject: sources of 2.2.1-990526 (fwd)
From: Eliseu Filho <>
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2000 11:30:47 -0800

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I tried to run the pre-compiled vmlinux-indy-2.2.1-990226 kernel
on a SGI Indy (R4600 Rev. 00002020 processor with PROMLIB SGI ARCS 
Ver. 1 Rev. 10) but it has not worked (the INIT process does not 
start). I compiled its source locally, but it did not work either 
(same problem). However, the pre-compiled vmlinux-indy-sound-2.2.1-990526  
runs perfectly.

1. What is the difference between vmlinux-indy-2.2.1-990226 and

2. Where can I find the sources of vmlinux-indy-sound-2.2.1-990526?
Or, is there any patch to upgrade from 2.2.1-990226 to it? I looked 
at, but it is empty.
Also, contains only the
sources of 2.2.1-990226.

I need the sources of a working kernel in order to introduce some
instrumentation, necessary for my research. So, I really would 
appreciate any help regarding this. Thanks in advance.

Eliseu M. C. Filho

Eliseu M. Chaves Filho, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Systems and Computer Engineering
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
P.O. Box 68511
21945-970  Rio de Janeiro, RJ  Brazil

Phone:  +55 21 590-2552 ext. 245 (voice)
        +55 21 290-6626 (fax)

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