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Question concerning memory configuration

To: sgi-mips <>
Subject: Question concerning memory configuration
From: Jeff Harrell <>
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 15:32:22 -0700
I have question concerning the memory configuration variables in the MIPS/Linux
codebase.  I am working on a board that has 64Mbytes (0x400 0000) of SDRAM.  We
are using an R4000 core and have the memory map setup so that KSEG0 & KSEG1 both
map to address 0x0 in physical memory.  On our embedded system we are going to hard
code the variable mips_memory_upper (This eventually is stored in memory_end).  My
question is what I should initialize the value to?  Do I treat the top of memory as KSEG1
+ 64Mbytes? (i.e., 0xA400 0000) or do I initialize it realative to 0?  If anybody has any
insights in this area, any information would be greatly appreciated.


Jeff Harrell                    Work:  (801) 619-6104 
Broadband Access group/TI
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