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Re: identifying sgi system type under Linux

Subject: Re: identifying sgi system type under Linux
From: Vince Weaver <>
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 15:31:50 -0500 (EST)
In-reply-to: <>
> I am asking around internally to see what if  any portions of kernel
> probe related code might be releaseable but the problem with even
> attempting that (from the few limited conversations I have had with
> kernel engineers) is that none of the IRIX hardware identification
> code is in one central place. It is really all over the place and
> dynamically builds this type of information in the hardware graph unde
> IRIX based on all of the hardware the kernel finds in the system.

OK, I've done a tiny bit of research on the web, and this is what would be

a way of finding the hardware IP as opposed to the software IP
    i.e., according to the SGI HARDWARE FAQ, while hinv reports
          both indy's and indigo2's as IP22, hardware wise
          the indy has an IP24 motherboard...

what ranges of serial numbers the various hardware have
    i.e., both of our indigo2's have serial numbers starting
          with 69:07, but that could be co-incidence because
          I am sure they were purchased at the same time.  
          ( the personal IRIS starts with E0:48 and the giant
          Crimson looks like A0:08 )

anyway I guess this isn't the most critical of problems, I was just
interested in having /proc/cpuinfo display it correctly [and thus, have
linux_logo show it correctly as well].



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