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XZ graphics specs...

Subject: XZ graphics specs...
From: John Michael Clemens <>
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000 14:55:55 -0500 (EST)
I too have been working on getting my Indigo2 to boot... and now that I
seem to have mine working as well, I can move on to actually helping.  

Now that the EISA stuff is in the kernel, should it now be possible to
write video drivers (framebuffers, console drivers, X servers) for the
Indigo2's???.. Having said that, I have GR3-Elan (XZ) graphics on mine,
can someone tell me where I can find the specs to start hacking up at
least a framebuffer for this? doesn't seem to have much
info... is this info even availabe to those outside for SGI?

Also, can someone warn me about what dangers (if any) there will be to my
*VERY NICE* Sony GDM17E21 if I start playing around with video timings and
suff?  The last thing I need is to kill my only really nice monitor that I
use for my PC's and my SGI...

Any info would be MUCH appreciated.

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