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general question on linux-mips

To: <>
Subject: general question on linux-mips
From: "Ken Wills" <>
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2000 17:05:54 -0600
Reply-to: "Ken Wills" <>
Hello everyone!

I have quite a general question, that I hope someone won't mind answering:-

I've installed hard-hat-5.1 on my indy, with few problems, and updated to a
that supports swap and everything seems fine. Next I decided to update gcc
and binutils,
in order to try later kernel builds (2.3.x). (I'm a long time UNIX user, but
quite new to linux).

My question is: I've had no sucess with gcc-2.95 or any version of binutils
I can lay my hands on.
binutils-2.95 builds with CFLAGS=-g , but then during the build of gcc, I
get an error from as.
Is the only option for software compilation a cross compiler on another
linux box?

I've poured over the web pages and have the cvs repo, which I am about to
start poking around in,
and don't find any specific dos or don'ts.



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