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Re: Milo

To: Khaled Labib <>
Subject: Re: Milo
From: Ralf Baechle <>
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 1999 11:03:30 -0200
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On Fri, Dec 17, 1999 at 12:08:51PM -0800, Khaled Labib wrote:

> I am using linux/MIPS kernel v2.2.1 and I am now considering loading it. I 
> looked at the Milo 0.27. 
> There is very little documentation for Milo, basically, a single README
> file.  Can some one point me on where to get more info about Milo. I need
> basically the following:
> 1- How exactly does Milo boot the kernel ?
> 2- Where should the Milo executable reside. On Disk, ROM ...etc. ?

On any medium that is supporte by the ARC firmware implementation.  In
practice that means a TFTP/BOOTP server, CDROM, FAT fs on a local harddisk.

> 3- What functions does Milo perform ?
> 4- Do I still need BIOS support with Milo ?
> 5- What is this ARC firmware ?

Basically a very primitive OS or BIOS for PC-oid brains.

> 6- Where is the latest Milo ?

0.27.1 is the latest, from or other places that collect antique

> I'll be booting this kernel on a harware Emulator with a limited
> functionality target board. The Target board itself is a PCI-based board
> that sits in a regular PC and contains memory (system memory).
> I would appreciate pointers to information related to the above.

I recommend to not use Milo.  The normal build process will provide you an
ELF kernel binary; with elf2ecoff the kernel sources also provide you with
a tool to convert this into ECOFF.  That is what more than 95% of embedded
and evaluation systems will need.  Milo was only used in the early stages
of Linux/MIPS development has been abandomed like two years ago.


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