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sgi hard drive problem.

Subject: sgi hard drive problem.
From: Can Altineller <>
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 1999 15:25:36 -0400 (EDT)

        I know this is not the list to ask this question, but I am having
horrible problems with my indigo2.

        I removed the harddrive inside it, and installed linux on a pc,
since I needed a pc with linux at the time. Then I put it back to my sgi,
and I can not put IRIX back to it.

        When I click install system software (or recover system) it looks
for the cdrom, finds it, and I get the following message in a window:

bootfile is not set using default
dks0d1s8: volume header not valid
swap partition (0) is not a valid swap area
Press <enter> to return to the menu

        If I click diagnostics, it says it is booting IDE, and gives out a
hinv information, and then a little \ is rotating forever. (it does not do

        When I turn on the machine it gives the following errs:

Cannot load sash
no default device and path in environment
unable to load bootfile: invalid argument
unable to boot press any key to continue

        Does anyone has any ideas/recomendations/help to fix this problem.
I've talked to amny ppl, including the ppl I bought my mahine from, but no
one seems to know OS specific issues like this.

        Thank you very much;

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