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Re: Booting linux does not work fine.

Subject: Re: Booting linux does not work fine.
From: Jens Oeser <>
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 11:59:43 +0200
References: <>

I got it working now, with vmlinux-r4400 ... other kernels are booting
but kflushd messes up my screen. The kflush always want to tell me when
he flushes something ... i really would have the sound kernel, but i
cannot use it because of kflushd trouble, anyone expierences with that?
I modified syslog.conf, but it doesn't work. Seems to be direct from the
kernel. I try i selfcompiled kernel today, maybe this helps me.
Another problem, If i try to add a swap partition, it only get's a size
of 20mb with fx, if i resize, the partition is not longer recognized as
swap, and the hardhat install program does not let me make it to a swap.
Is there i way to get it managed, without using linux tools for that?

Jens Oeser.

Jens Oeser wrote:
> Hi!
> I tried to install linux to my sgi indy yesterday, kernel starts up
> normally and hangs after "Freeing unused kernel memory 44k freed". Then
> i only can reboot the machine. I really don't find the thing causing
> that, maybe someone can give me an advise to get linux to work fine.
> Hardware:
> ip22 175mhz
> 64/128mb ram (Depends which machine)
> 2gb hdd (2nd machine 2x1GB).
> hinv says that i have a indy 24bit ... does this card is supported? I
> think so, because kernel messages are printed on the screen, so entire
> linux should do so.
> So how can i get linux working?
> regards.
> Jens Oeser

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