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Re: Hard Hat and Tandem.

To: Cory Jon Hollingsworth <>
Subject: Re: Hard Hat and Tandem.
From: Joan Eslinger <>
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 99 18:55:03 -0700
In-reply-to: Your message of "Fri, 20 Aug 99 19:45:47 CDT." <>
 * > >     Tandem was a company situated in Texas that was in the business of

Texas? Headquarters was Cupertino, California.

 * > > selling business servers.  At the time this box was purchased, Tandem was
 * > > repackaging SGI hardware and selling them as Tandem servers.  Since then
 * > > Tandem has been bought by Compaq, which I believe where more or less 
 * > > Tandem in order to acquire the brand name.  Currently I believe Compaq 
 * > > industrial computers under the Tandem name.  I do not think those 
 * > > have a MIPS chip set though.
 * >
 * > Tandem has a very interesting program of HA machines and software.  They
 * > have more or less the only UNIX systems that guarantee like 99.99999%
 * > availability.

Tandem had 2 computer lines: the fault-tolorant Himalaya line running
their own OS called Non-Stop built with MIPS CPUs, and the Integrity
line which was OEM'ed SGI Challenge servers running IRIX.

Looks like new Himalaya servers are built around Alpha CPUs.

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