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Re: Hard Hat and Tandem.

To: Cory Jon Hollingsworth <>
Subject: Re: Hard Hat and Tandem.
From: Ralf Baechle <>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 13:39:32 +0200
In-reply-to: <>; from Cory Jon Hollingsworth on Sun, Aug 15, 1999 at 01:54:24PM -0500
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On Sun, Aug 15, 1999 at 01:54:24PM -0500, Cory Jon Hollingsworth wrote:

>     I have a Tandem model number CMN B006S that I'm trying to get Hard
> Hat up and running on.  This is a machine build for Tandem by SGI and,
> based on the descriptions I have read, I believe it is a close cousin to
> the Challenge S.

>     For instance an hinv returns:
> Syestem: IP22
> Processor: 150 Mhz R4400, with FPU
> Primary I-cache size: 16 Kbytes
> Primary D-cache size: 16 Kbytes
> Secondary cache size: 1024 Kbytes
> Memory size: 256 Mbytes
> SCSI Disk: scsi(0)disk(1)

Could you send me a the full hinv output, just to verify that this
system is really an IP22 with no Tandem specific specials?

Further, what is the product name under which this Tandem was marketed?
Is it CMN B006S?  I'd like to document the fact that this machine is
(un?)supported in the Linux/MIPS docs.

>      Now I have spent a some time browsing the archives and I know this
> was a common problem some time ago on certain models of Indys.

Yep, but it's fixed.

>     I can get the system to boot by replacing the Hard Hat vmlinux image
> with the vmlinux-indy-initrd-990313.gz image found in
>  But that leaves me with a
> crippled RAM disk image and a root prompt.  I can NFS mount my Hard Hat
> file system, but that doesn't help me run the installation.

That particular kernel was on there for testing the initrd functionality,
so you're experiencing exactly what is supposed to happen.

>     My question is: Can I get a precompiled vmlinux replacement for the
> Hard Hat distribution which will allow me to continue with the
> installation?   Or, since Tandem is not officially supported,  do I
> spend the next couple of months hand assembling a root partition on the
> machine from the bits I currently have working via NFS?

There are several kernels in exactly the directory you got the initrd
image from.

I have never heared about these Tandem machine but I assume that it it
identical to the Indy rsp. Challenge S.


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