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Re: EISA support

To: Ralf Baechle <>
Subject: Re: EISA support
From: "Andrew R. Baker" <>
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 1999 01:17:19 -0500 (CDT)
Cc: Linux SGI <>
In-reply-to: <>
Reply-to: "Andrew R. Baker" <>

On Tue, 3 Aug 1999, Ralf Baechle wrote:
> The solution which we're using for other systems is to number the
> interrupts such that 0 ... 15 are the (E)ISA interrupts; all other
> system specific interrupts use higher numbers.  In such a scenario
> request_irq() will essentially just be a demultiplexer which for
> (E)ISA interrupt numbers calls request_isa_irq() etc.  You really
> should try to leave the interrupt numbers unchanged as they are;
> basically every (E)ISA interrupt driver has it's numbers hardwired.

That's basically what William Earl suggested.  I am going to change the
SGINT_XXX defines in sgint23.h to leave space for the (E)ISA interrupts
and get change any absolute references (like in the SCSI driver) to things
like "SGINT_LOCAL0 + 1".   Is there anything else I should allocate some
space for?


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