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Re: 200mhz indy

To: (Eric Melville)
Subject: Re: 200mhz indy
From: Edwin Hakkennes <>
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 1999 15:30:53 +0200 (CEST)
In-reply-to: <> from "Eric Melville" at Jul 18, 99 12:18:17 pm
Hi Eric,

> ok, this morning i successfully booted my r4400 rev. 6.0 indy! thanks
> for the help... but now i've got a problem installing it. i'm a little
> low on disk space for the whole hardhat archive. i was thinking i could
> dump the rpms to a cd and then hook me external scsi cdrom to the indy,
> however the root fs for hardhat setup seems to be missing mount, plus i
> don't know if the redhat installer can be "tricked" like that (i have NO
> redhat experience).

I didn't try this, but it should work. At least it works with

If you can get the kernel loaded and recognising the CD, it should be
do-able. Just boot the kernel with vmlinux root=/dev/scd0 

You can't just dump the RPMS to the CD. The whole install image should
be on the CD, it should be mountable as a rootfs.

Beware that there are quite some absolute symlinks. They could pose
problems. Make sure that mkisofs picks the right contents in this case.
(e.g. sbin/init instead of /sbin/init)

BTW: I'm trying to come up with recompiled rpm for the updates relative to
HardHat. Is anyone interested in these?

Greetings and good luck,

Edwin Hakkennes

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