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Re: 200mhz indy

To: sgi <>
Subject: Re: 200mhz indy
From: Eric Melville <>
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 1999 12:18:17 -0700
Organization: iLL
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ok, this morning i successfully booted my r4400 rev. 6.0 indy! thanks
for the help... but now i've got a problem installing it. i'm a little
low on disk space for the whole hardhat archive. i was thinking i could
dump the rpms to a cd and then hook me external scsi cdrom to the indy,
however the root fs for hardhat setup seems to be missing mount, plus i
don't know if the redhat installer can be "tricked" like that (i have NO
redhat experience).


> > i have an r4400 revision 6 200mhz indy. i tried to get linux working at
> > about the time the 2.2.1 kernel was released, but it wouldn't go. any
> > chance i'd have better luck now?
> Yes, we've fixed a bug freeing memory used by the PROMs and I'm almost
> certain that this bug caused your 6.0 machine to freeze.
> Iff that still doesn't help, could you do some experiment for me?  I want
> to know if the problem is really related to the CPU version 6.0 and you
> seem to have multiple Indys.  Could just try and put the R4400 6.0 module
> into the Indy which seems to be fine with Linux and report your findings?

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