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Linux on my INDY, now what ?

Subject: Linux on my INDY, now what ?
From: Alexander Graefe <>
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 1999 10:37:32 +0200
Hi all.

I recently managed to install Linux on my Indy by just installing over
the whole IRIX partition. I never thought that would work, but it did.
The only thing that bugs me now is that I have to netboot it, but I
can live with that.
I was able to compile a few things, like Apache 1.3.6 and Roxen
1.3.111 without problems, and they seem to run just fine.
Now I am wondering, did anyone get MySQL to compile on HardHat ?
My version (3.22.23b) complains that my egcs should be at least 1.0.3,
but I haven't found anything on newer than 1.0.2,
and the latest egcs-release doesn't work out of the box.

And what is the latest kernel ? I am using the 2.2.1-sound kernel, but
I wanted to compile my own kernel, but I couldn't find sources for 2.2
on, only for 2.1.

Otherwise, great work, now I finally can really put that Indy to use.


Today's excuse:
Smell from unhygenic janitorial staff wrecked the tape heads

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