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Re: Re: IRIX Partations with HardHat Linux

To: Dag Bakke <>
Subject: Re: Re: IRIX Partations with HardHat Linux
From: Ulf Carlsson <>
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 18:48:32 +0200
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In-reply-to: <>; from Dag Bakke on Wed, Jun 30, 1999 at 03:25:00PM +0000
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On Wed, Jun 30, 1999 at 03:25:00PM +0000, Dag Bakke wrote:
> No, you're not. Install linux 2.2.7 (.9?) on any i386 and enable experimental
> options and EFS.
> Then you should be able to mount the CD on the linux-i386 box and set up tftp,
> bootp and nfs for remote booting/installing. (You don't need nfs for booting
> fx, though.)
> Something for a rainy day....

This would probably be much easier if you used the initrd stuff Thomas B.
recently wrote.  This is not tested, but I think it may work.  If it works you
may setup the initrd partition so that you have the tools you need to partition
the SCSI harddrive with a decent EFS disklabel (this partition is afterwards
appended on the end of the kernel).  I think Thomas has been working on a new
redhat installer using the initrd, but I doubt he finished it.

What's the current status?


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